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Frequently Asked Questions
How much does it cost to play paintball?
We have worked long and hard to offer you the best prices. We offer many discounts that will please even the most thrifty person. Please see our Prices and Discounts page for more details.
How much does it cost just to play one game?
Because of the way Bonehead is set up, it just isn't practical to play one game. The cost is the same, whether you play one game or stay all day.
How much time will I need to play a game of paintball?
You can expect to spend 2 to 3 hours at Boneheads. An average game only last 2 to 3 minutes to play. However You can play as many games as you like. Most people play between 15 to 20 games. Paintball is a game to be enjoyed with no time limit.
Does it hurt to get shot by a paintball?
The simple answer is yes. However, with all your adrenaline from playing it doesn't hurt as bad as you think. Within a hour you will be showing off your welts with well earned pride!
What should I wear?
As long as you have closed toed shoes on (tennis shoes, boots, etc.) you can wear pretty much whatever you choose. If you have never played paintball before, I would suggest NO bare skin. Most people wear loose fitting layered clothing. We do have overalls available for rent for $10.
Does the paint wash off?
Yes. Even though the name suggest that paint is involved, there is no paint in paintball. A paintball is made up of gelatin for the shell and inside is polyurethane glycol, better know as glycerin. It is biodegradable, water-soluble, and non-toxic. You will be filthy when you leave, but it does wash out!
Where is Bonehead Paintball located?
We are located just 5 minutes east of the Bellagio hotel at 1325 East Flamingo Road, Unit D. Even though our mailing address is Flamingo Road, WE DO NOT front Flamingo Road. We are one block east of Maryland Parkway on a little side street named Escondido. Bonehead is behind the 99 Cents Store that fronts Flamingo Road.
What are the hours at Bonehead?
We are open Wednesday through Sunday. Weekdays we open at 3pm and close at 9pm. Weekends we open at 10am, close at 8pm on Saturday and close at 6pm on Sunday. HOWEVER, if no one is playing an hour before closing time, Bonehead will close an hour early on that day. Also, hours of operations may vary due to tournament play or other occasions.
I have never played paintball before, how many paintballs will I need?
That's a very hard question to answer. Everybody is different depending on your personality. Are you an aggressive or a defensive type player? How big is your group? All these things contribute to how many paintballs to buy. Bonehead suggests for the first time player to buy a bag of 500 paintballs.
Can I use my own paintballs?
No, you must use paintballs purchased only at Bonehead.
How old do you have to be to play at Bonehead?
We STRONGLY recommend you be at least 12 years old. However, 10 and up will be accepted.
How do I contact Bonehead?
Just call us during normal business hours at (702)267-6042.
Do I need to make reservations?
No, but it is desireable.
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